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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rosa davidii and hybrids

Here's a bloom of 'Reine des Violettes' held up to show how purplish Rosa davidii looks.

And a close-up...

Here is the first bloom to open (after about five years of waiting) on the hybrid of Rosa davidii X Rosa virginiana. It’s what I would expect. I’ll be curious to see if any open-pollinated seeds will develop or not.

As healthy as the foliage typically is on this hybrid… it has this foliage deforming problem that I haven’t figured out. The growth starts out every year looking beautiful, but a few months into the growing season, the new leaves start to appear twisted and stunted. I had thought some sort of insect feeding was to blame, but in closer examination this year it appears that there might be some fuzzy fungal growth. I guess that could still be secondary to some sort of insect damage. Does anyone recognize this?

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