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Friday, August 27, 2010

Rosa bracteata X (rugosa x palustris)

This is the darkest pink and most rugosa-like (in foliage and armature) of this particular batch of seedlings.

Surprisingly, although they have very reduced fertility, these guys do set a few open-pollinated hips (and seeds). They are also much more cold-tolerant than their mother. They're aslo all monstrous growers and once-bloomers.


  1. The flowers kind of look like 'Anemone' don't they? What are you going to put this beauty on to try and tame it?

  2. Yes Simon, I see what you mean about the resemblance to 'Anemone'. Actually, Rosa laevigata is another "tough nut to crack" that I've been trying to get hybrids from for quite a few years. I've had a few but they've been weak and never flowered.

    As for these bracteata hybrids (this pink one and three white sisters), I was planning on using something like Ralph Moore's mini, 'Joycie', to try to scale down the size a bit while trying to regain remontancy.