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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Late Summer Foliage on "Jefferson" X 'Carefree Sunshine"

This hybrid holds its foliage here much better than the majority of roses. It has lost some lower leaves by this time of year, but the upper parts are still very dense and only showing a few scattered spots of mildew. I think that it's very likely that the fairly high disease resistance is coming partly (if not primarily) from the Damask seed parent, since most of the 'Carefree Sunshine' seedlings I've grown are not particularly resistant here.

Note the hips maturing... these are from 'Home Run' pollen. I'm hoping for some reblooming offspring that retain a good measure of disease resistance. Keeping the strong fragrance and old-fashioned form would be great too! And who cares what color, if we can have all the rest of that!

Here's a close-up of showing how it takes after its mama in having elongated/pear-shaped hips. The sandwich bag shot shows the full harvest of hips from 'Home Run' pollen. This hybrid has typically only set a couple of open-pollinated hips so I was surprised at how well the crosses seemed to have taken. Now I wonder how many seeds there will be and how well they'll germinate.

Below's a link to an earlier post with flower pictures and a picture of its seed parent, a found rose, which might be 'Petite Lisette'.

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