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Thursday, October 7, 2010

F2 Rosa moschata X wichuraiana

These are just open-pollinated seedlings from some F1 Rosa moschata x wichuraiana. I'm looking to regain the rebloom of moschata and combine it with the cold hardiness and health attributes of wichuraiana. So far none of these F2 has made any attempts to flower at all, but they aren't really all that big yet. Hopefully at least one or two will decide to bloom (and rebloom) next year. Note one seedling near the front (bottom of image) left, that has larger more overlapping foliage and shorter internodes. I don't know if it's an outcross to some other rose or just part of the natural range of variation for these F2, but I like that growth habit much better than the wiry trailing siblings.


  1. I really like this idea. Maybe a wichurana-type plant with hybrid musk habit could be made...

  2. Thanks Simon. I actually really liked moschata just as it was, except for the lack of cold-hardiness. So if I can get anything cold-hardy that is even close to moschata (especially in fragrance and repeat), I'll be happy.

  3. Ahhh.... cold hardiness... something I NEVER have to worry about :)