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Friday, June 10, 2011

Bracteata hybrids

The four bracteata hybrids I moved to their new home two years ago, have settled in and started to stretch out. The first is one I've posted about before - nicknamed "Pink Monster". The second is one of its white flowered siblings. The whites would look just like bracteata if you didn't pay any attention to the foliage which shows a lot of influence from the rugosa and palustris grandparents. The pink one tends more toward rugosa, while all three of the whites (while showing influence of both of those species) show more of the matte surface and elongated leaflets of palustris. I've really enjoyed watching these hybrids mature and am working on rebuilding them using a double-flowered rugosa. It'll be along process since I have to get the double-flowered F1 of rugosa and palustris first. Hopefully one of these germinated this Spring.

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