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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Strawberry Seedlings

Well, the temperature was 18 degrees F last night around 8:00 and this morning was 12 degrees F, so not much going on plantwise outside. But indoors about a week or two ago, I planted half of the seeds I'd harvested from 'Red wonder' alpine stawberry pollinated by our own "White Clubhouse" (see posts all throughout the 2011 growing season). And they're starting to pop up already! We're trying to get a red "clubhouse" type - everbearing AND runner forming. Hopefully by the time Spring comes, these seedlings will be big enough to be fruiting and runnering so we can make some selections. By Mendelian expectations, all of these should be red-fruited, all everbearing, and split 50:50 for runner-forming growth habit versus "Alpine" (non runner-forming).

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