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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well, the first sprig we brought home didn't make it. It got frozen solid in a saucer of water and turned to mush. So, we gave it another try and this time it looks like it's gonna work alright. It's taken a week or two for the pieces to get settled in their new home - and they looked pretty pathetic while that was happening. But now they're starting to really get growing. I read somewhere that watercress especially likes limestone, so I just worked a little agricultural lime in between the plants - that's why the Miracle-Gro potting soil looks a little gray in spots. The inner clear plastic container is one that bulk salad greens come in. I poked a couple of holes in it and filled it with potting soil. Then that container is sitting in a rubbermaid container with water filled almost to the brim of the inner container. I've been changing that water about once a week.

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