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Thursday, October 25, 2012

'Cricket Song' reblooming iris

Here's my reblooming diploid MTB iris, 'Cricket Song' on Wednesday (10-23) with first rebloom flower of the year open. The second picture is today (10-25) with the first bloom closed but second and third open. It has rebloomed faithfully every Fall since 2006 when it first rebloomed. It comes from pollen of 'Clown Pants' (which is from Iris variegata X Iris suaveolens var. mellita) put on Iris cengialtii. So it's essentially a three-species cross. It has a full sibling rebloomer ('Easy Smile') that has yet to be introduced because a dropped seed had grown in among its clump. I didn't want to accidentally send any of that stray seedling to be sold as 'Easy Smile'. Both of the diploid rebloomers have been very fertile in both directions and have even given me a few offspring when I've used their pollen on tetraploid Tall Beardeds.


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