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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daylily Seedlings

Daylilies are in full bloom here so I'll post pictures of some seedlings from a few fun crosses.
These three seedlings have bloomed before. They're ones that I selected for their nice purple foliage bases. 

Next are seven seedlings from hakuunensis x various reds and purples. I didn't get the seeds collected from these crosses until after most had dropped, but then didn't get the collected ones planted. So these self-sown seedlings are all I've got from those crosses.

One year I used pollen from 'Blue Moon Rising' on a bunch of different daylilies. 'Blue Moon Rising' is pretty cool looking but didn't seem very happy here, so I was hoping to incorporate its pretty blue eye genes into some different lines. All of the seedlings are pretty vigorous and all have a similar look. I'm hoping that intercrossing will get me the blue eye back.
 Last picture is a volunteer seedling - most likely from the two seedlings of 'Double Cutie' X citrina that I have growing nearby. I have no idea who the pollen parent was but this offspring is darker yellow, wavy edged and taller than my belly button. Should be neat to see how it looks as a clump in the next couple years.

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