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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cold snap and Viola arvensis hybrids

I pulled the temperature data for the last two days and this morning. We bottomed out at -2 degrees F yesterday morning and hovered in the single digits for a long time. With no snow cover, this should be a good test of cold-hardiness for a lot of stuff around here, like these Viola arvensis X pansy seedlings. I'll try to get some after-freeze pictures in a couple of days (and of course whenever they bloom later in the Spring).


  1. Wow, looking great Tom! Can't wait till spring to see them in bloom.

  2. Thanks Dan!
    If my pollinations worked, they should look like the same crosses I did years ago - which is a lot like Viola tricolor (Johnny Jump Ups). I'd like to try to exaggerate the arvensis flower shape when I select the later generations this time. It would be a neat change from the typical round flat pansies.

  3. I don't think links work from here but should be able to cut and paste these URLs to see the hybrids I got before: