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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Squash from last season

Decided I'd go ahead and cut the last two remaining squash so I can save the seeds. Here's the butternut in really good shape. If I weren't feeling so lazy at the moment, we could definitely eat this one.
 And here's the little orange field type pumpkin that we got as a freebie last Halloween. It looked just like all the other little orange ones, but I think it must've picked up a hard rind gene from somewhere, because I almost broke the knife just trying to pierce it. Then it was nearly impossible to saw it in half, with that same knife (that easily cut the butternut). Not so sure if I want my pumpkins to be that hard to cut but the hardness sure did seem to make it last a long time. I wondered if it might have been from a cross with one of those bitter ornamental (Cucurbita pepo type) gourds to have such a hard skin, so I tasted a piece of the flesh to see if it might be bitter. It wasn't bitter at all.

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