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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cuttings from some long time survivors [roses]

Back in the late 1990's, I planted dozens [literally] of roses on the back corner of the lot that we later built our home on. Since only four roses have survived all this time, I decided I should try to take some cuttings and get them propagated. Keep in mind, these have been totally neglected and also surrounded by Rose Rosette Disease infected roses.

First is a huge chunk off of the almost dead Rosa helenae. I left two other canes as insurance. I think the dense shade of the maturing trees all around is probably mostly to blame for the sad state that this rose is currently in.

Second is 'Alexander MacKenzie'.
 Here's that 'Alexander MacKenzie' shoot sticking up out of honeysuckle and poison ivy. The trees overhead are also shading it heavily too.

The only survivor that I didn't take cuttings from, was I think 'Lilian Gibson'. I hope to dig it and move it in the Spring. Here are bundles of the other survivors - the Rosa helenae, the 'Alexander MacKenzie' and 'Ash Wednesday'. I've got them soaking in willow water and plan to wrap them in damp newspaper (burrito style) to callous for a couple of weeks.

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