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Friday, November 18, 2016

Fall pollinator magnet

Every Fall, I am amazed at the sheer number (and diversity) of pollinator insects visiting our volunteer daisy type mums. Besides just being pretty, it's nice to know that they're serving as a food source at a time when those might be scarce.
I don't know what this little black winged one is: 
 Some sort of bumblebee I think:
 Another pretty little mystery insect:
 Syrphid flies? Lots of these:
 A semi-double white with bees, flies and butterflies:

A small green bee:
Big carpenter bee: 
 An assortment of butterflies, moths and skippers:

Bumblebee? Or is a different kind of bee:
Another kind of bee-mimic hoverfly:
 The remaining five pictures sure looked like a honeybee to me. I was especially happy to see that, considering how the honeybee populations have suffered in recent years.

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