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Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy sight

These are peppers I'd saved through the winter last year. I didn't get them back into the ground until so late in the summer 2016, that they didn't really fruit much in this second year. So I dug them up and planned on keeping them around a year longer. Sadly, I forgot to wheel them back in the basement one evening and we got a hard frost that night. I figured they were all goners but I hoped that maybe some roots had survived the freeze. I'm glad to report that at least one of the four is re-sprouting. It's an advanced generation mild from about 1/4 Habanero ancestry. I'm still holding out hope that my favorite will re-sprout. It's a little yellow bullet shaped mild with furry stems from about 1/4 ancestry from a hybrid I called "Serranobanero" [Serrano X Habanero]. If not, I've still got seeds from it, but there was one hot pepper growing nearby when they set, so there's no guarantee the seeds will produce milds.

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