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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Arundinaria tecta

A light snow fell today and looked pretty dusting this native North American bamboo (Arundinaria tecta). It's just a small area but in my imagination I can see the large areas called "canebrakes" that were (maybe still are) covered by this little bamboo. It's about up to my armpits at the highest. Supposedly all sorts of wildlife made their homes in the vast canebrakes. Looks like a good place to hide to me.


  1. Hey Tom,
    The bamboo looks to be evergreen. Does it stay all winter?

    1. Hi Lynn,
      This one usually turns brown here in winter. I think it must have been collected farther South. If I remember correctly, I got it from a nursery in Tennessee.
      I have several types of Phyllostachys that usually stay green. The shorter Indocalamus also usually stays green here.