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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Another bath for the peppers

The aphids were building up again and the temperatures are finally up in the 30's F, so I took the peppers out of the basement and sprayed them down with soap spray. After 5 minutes or so, I blasted them with the garden hose. They always look happier after one of these "treatments". And it takes a while for the aphids to build back up. I'm guessing there are eggs that I miss. Maybe if I did this frequently enough, I could get 'em all???


  1. I've got aphids tormenting my basement peppers too, but I don't have warm enough days to take them outside for a bath. Last year I tried an insecticidal spray, but they came back from that too. A colleague who's worked in commercial greenhouses suggested some aphids are hiding out in the soil.

  2. Hi Darren! They are miserable little cusses aren't they?! I resorted to pyrethrin type insecticide last year too and it didn't work much better than a 2% soap spray. So far, since the last soap spray and hose blasting, only a few have re populated. Now if the weather would only cooperate so I can repeat. I hope you get some warm enough weather soon too. The peppers seem to be fine with the short periods of cold as long as it's above freezing. Good luck!!!