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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rosa rugosa X davidii

I had another species rose hybrid that surprised me with a repeat performance this year... rugosa X davidii. The clump shot shows about how big the bush is - it currently has three repeat clusters on it.The second picture shows one of those repeat clusters with ripening hips in the background. Unfortunately any rose that blooms right now is being devoured by Japanese beetles as soon as they start to open, so I probably won't get an open flower shot. The third picture shows just some hips.I guess I should check to see if the three bloom clusters might all originate from the same individual plant, since this "bush" actually started as a pot full of F1 seedlings. It's possible that there's one individual among them that is responsible for those three current flower clusters. If so it would be a good idea to selectively propagate that particular one.

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