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Sunday, July 24, 2011

F1 Wheat - 'Black Emmer' X 'Kamut'

Still haven't tried threshing these yet - to see if they have the free-threshing character of 'Kamut', which would be a pretty good confirmation of hybridity. The appearance of the heads though sure does suggest that they are really hybrids. The spikelets are less tightly arranged on the rachis. The plants also grew considerably larger than either of the parents in height and also in size of just about all plant parts.
It worries me though that 'Kamut' itself winter-killed here while these hopeful hybrids did just fine. If these do turn out to be real hybrids, I had figured I might need to Spring plant the seeds for the F2. But considering that the F1 were fine, I guess I can just plant the F2 population as winter wheat too.

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