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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snack Jack pumpkins and deer

We noticed one of the three 'Snack Jack' pumpkins we'd bought back in October was rotting, so we cut the other two. The fleshy part was pretty thin but after baking for about and hour and a half (covered with foil) they scooped out easily and the old food processor turned that into a nice puree. I planned on taking pictures all the way through but...
The pumpkin cake they made only lasted about a day and a half, so I guess I'd call them good for eating! We'd be eating the seeds, but I think we want to try a big pumpkin patch again.

Last night I had to spook about two dozen deer out of the wheat patch AGAIN. Guess I need to get that fishing line fence out there or else dust with bloodmeal to discourage them. But as destructive as they can be, I still love watching them. Here are a few of them out there this morning.

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