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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strawberry Seedling

This was the first seedling to show a runner from the batch of 'Red Wonder' (alpine) X "White Clubhouse" (our own everbearing, runner-forming vesca hybrid). Now at about two months old (from a seed), it's initiating a third runner already. No blooms so far though, but both parents were everbearing so this should be too. So far there are four seedlings showing runners like this. The second seedling has two runners. The third and fourth each have one so far.


  1. Pretty! I came here because I saw that one of my strawberry seedlings was forming a small whip-looking thing so I searched for it and found this :) so it must be a runner....
    Nice plant btw

  2. Thanks! And it sure sounds like a runner on yours. So what kind of strawberry seeds are you growing?