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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some rose seeds

Some seeds harvested yesterday... the first plate is from two hips of Rosa glutinosa that resulted from pollen of Rosa fedtschenkoana - should give some interesting scented-foliage offspring. The second plate gives an idea how "fertility-challenged" my F1 (glutinosa X palustris) hybrid seedling is. These seeds (around 30) came from about two dozen open-pollinated hips. Most of these hips contained only one single seed. Just a few had two, and one hada whopping four. Actually most of the hips had aborted soon after petal drop, presumably because they didn't have any seeds at all. So... I wonder who the pollen parent of these seeds might be and what ploidy (and fertility they'll have). Rosa glutinosa is supposed to be a Caninae type pentaploid and palustris is a diploid. The F1 should be pentaploid too, but whether or not the Caninae type meiosis held up in the hybrid could make for some unusual happenings.

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