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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet Corn backcross ear

Now that it's drying down, you can more easily see how there are about 50:50 normal kernels to shriveled/sweet kernels. Last year, I detassled 'Japonica Striped Flint' and pollinated in by our own colorful sweet corn population (of very mixed ancestry). I planted the seed from those ears this year and detassled the resulting F1 plants. When pollinated by our colorful sweet corn again, the ears look like the picture. The sweet kernels will be what we'll plant nest season. From that point on, all the kernels on all the ears should be sweet. Simple as that - a significant amount of 'Japonica Striped Flint' influence can be brought into our sweets. Even though none of the hybrid seedlings has expressed the recessive striped foliage gene, I'm betting a few of these shrunken kernels are carriers and will allow me to recover that trait in another generation.

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