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Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 species rose cross seedlings

Picture 1 - open-pollinated seedlings from "3/4 native", which is ('Fragrant Cloud' x Rosa carolina) X Rosa virginiana. Lots of variability already, but all seem healthy so far (not surprising considering all the wild ancestry).
 Picture 2 - davidii X fedtschenkoana

Picture 3 -  glutinosa X fedtschenkoana

Picture 4 - palustris X fedtschenkoana

Picture 5 - open pollinated seedlings from F1 glutinosa X palustris

Picture 6 - open-pollinated seedlings from my bracteata hybrids, which are bracteata X (rugosa x palustris) 


  1. Hi Tom, Great looking seedlings and cool species crosses!

    1. Thanks Jim!
      Probably won't see any repeat bloomers from these but most should be very healthy.