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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bamboo shoots

Went out stomping bamboo shoots yesterday (to get the strays that the mower couldn't get to) and then it occurred to me... hey I'd originally purchased this Phyllostachys nuda because it was noted as having good sprouts for eating. So we gathered up and peeled some of the stomped shoots. I think you're really supposed to get them when they're just breaking the surface, and these were pretty tall already, but they ended up being pretty good anyway. I remembered that they're not good raw, so I decided to parboil them and then stir fry in butter with salt and lemon juice. Was pretty tasty!

But did learn something else... if you're going to parboil them, it's a really good idea to at least split them in half first. Duh... I found out that the hard way. Those closed segments start exploding as they heat up, spraying boiling water all around the stove. After 5 or 6 good pops, I quickly retrieved the rest and split them beforing finishing the boil.

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