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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

F2 of Viola striata X walteri (syn. Viola X cooperrideri)

These are some of the re-select second generation seedlings from my cross of Viola striata X Viola walteri. I'm trying to cull out the less appealing ones so that only these better ones will sow seed for future generations.
This is a fairly large flowered blue-purple that tends to be more prostrate growing from the start.
 This one has a more upright compact habit early in the Spring (they all make neat mats by mid-summer). It was especially heavy flowering last year.

Two white flowered ones with purple undersides of the foliage.
And a completely white, with green foliage - this one rebloomed fairly early last Fall.

Wouldn't it be great to get pretty foliage and flowers and rebloom all combined into one plant!


  1. Imagine if! The rebloom is especially interesting. How about the pretty foliage, with reblooming fragrant rostrata-like flowers? :P

  2. I haven't been checking these for fragrance but Viola striata itself surprised me many years ago. To my knowledge, it's not reported to be fragrant. But I gathered up a little bundle of flowers one evening and they definitely collectively gave a nice sweet clover-blossom sort of scent. So your vision isn't out of the question.