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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Viola rostrata and Allium tricoccum

I'm hopeful that these two natives have decided to settle in and multiply. They've been in these spots for several years now.

Spurred blue violet (notice the upturned spurs behind the flowers)
Viola rostrata
and wild leeks, also known as "ramps" 
Allium tricoccum


  1. Where did you get Viola rostrata? Looks fantastic!
    Also, your suckers are doing lovely. The rug x xanth new leaves have a very faint, almost orangy smell.

  2. I collected the Viola rostrata from a roadside ditch/bank in Northern Pennsylvania where the Allium tricoccum came from also. They were both in a place where the snow plows and other road work would have likely scraped them away eventually anyway, so I didn't feel too guilty about "Saving them". ;0)

  3. Oh and that's great about those rose suckers! I hope you get to try them in some crosses soon.

  4. I'm hoping to transplant some Allium tricoccum this season. What garden conditions did you plant yours in?

  5. Ours were transplanted early in the Spring, into our heavy clay soil. The spot is on the North side of the house under a small espalier apple tree. I've been trying to mulch a lot to recreate a "woodsier" soil and also dug some eggshells in because I saw somewhere that they might appreciate higher calcium. They sulked for a year or two but this year they've really started looking like they're happy finally.