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Monday, December 7, 2015

Peppers - saving for next year

I specially selected these seven peppers (actually a couple of the 7 pots have multiple plants) to save for seed production next year. They are all mild peppers chosen from among some super-hot siblings, and are derived from a complex mixing over many generations of Serrano, Habanero, a variegated hot, a purple leaf hot, Yellow Marconi and a yellow fruited bell pepper. I also selected for interesting flavor, productiveness and furry foliage from Serrano. I've been keeping the pots indoors ever since the hard frosts came, but on warmer days I roll them out for fresh air and direct sunlight. I also have to periodically knock back the aphid population using soap spray and blasts of water from a garden hose. But so far it's looking pretty promising that they'll make it through the winter and be around for the 2016 garden.

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