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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rose rooting update

Follow-up from the posts on Dec.7th and Dec.17th... I'd burritoed in wet newspaper some rose cuttings and gotten them to form callous tissue on the cut ends. Afterwards I dipped the calloused bottoms in "Dip N Gro" rooting hormone and planted them almost horizontally in a clear plastic storage bin. I just noticed today that "Holy Moly" there's a whole bunch of roots showing along the side where the bottoms of the cuttings are close. But there's quite a bit of difference among the different roses - one rooted very well, one moderately and one isn't showing any roots along the side yet. Here's the bin with a LED aquarium light on top so that the sprouts get at least a little bit of light.

Here's the great roots forming on the "BH1" bracteata hybrid. [It's a complex hybrid - Rosa bracteata X (rugosa x palustris)] I'm happily surprised at how vigorously this one is rooting. This is the one I've also called the "pink monster" and it seems to be most people's favorite of the four siblings.
 Here are the buds beginning to sprout at the other ends of those "BH1" cuttings.
 Here's the decent roots forming on "BH3", one of the white-flowered siblings of "BH1".

 And at the far right end of the container, I'm seeing no roots action yet from the cuttings of Rosa multiflora X rugosa.
Even so, it's great to be getting any roots at all. I usually have an awful time trying to root anything, which is one of the reasons that I've always appreciated roses that send up suckers.

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