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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glossy Kale and more

I took the first picture with my boot to show size. It's one of the regenerated glossy kales getting ready to go for another winter. It's got a fair bit of purple-ness in addition to being a glossy kale.

The second picture and third pictures show some plants I hope to also overwinter and breed into the genepool: a single purple ornamental cabbage, four Tuscan/Dinosaur kales and one of the 'Stonehead' cabbage seedlings I found on sale 6 for a dollar. Hoping these will contribute purple-ness, general hardiness (Tuscan) and thick meaty leaves (cabbage).


  1. I love that glossy kale! A little more purple, and I'd grow it as an ornamental. I'm just getting into brassicas -- it will be interesting to see what overwinters for me.

  2. Thanks Joseph! It's currently a very mixed population, but I can send you a sample to get you started with the glossy trait. They do really well started under lights inside and that gives you the chance to cull out less interesting forms. Let me know if you'd like some.
    Thanks again, Tom