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Friday, November 11, 2011

Iris Rebloom

Here's my only rebloom for 2011. It's a volunteer seedling that bloomed for the first time in Spring 2011. I had figured (from its location and appearance) that it must be from a fallen seed of 'Cricket Song' and this rebloom gives more weight to that guess. The picture doesn't capture the color very well - it's actually very close to the pinkish pallidas (like 'Dogrose' and 'Thais'). It almost matches some nearby pink chrysanthemums. The first picture is of the first rebloom flower (taken on Wednesday Nov 9). The second picture shows that same bloom this morning (Veteran's Day - Friday Nov 11). Keep in mind we've already had a freak October snow with at least 6 inches of snow accumulated on the ground, and plenty of frosts that have killed all of the tomatoes, peppers, etc. So this little flower is a much appreciated surprise. The last picture shows how it looked when it bloomed for the first time back in May.

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