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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kale and potatoes for dinner

One of the fringe benefits of vegetable breeding, sometimes you just HAVE to eat the ones that aren't going to be saved for seed. So, for dinner tonight, we ate some non-glossy seedlings that came up in the glossy kale patch. It's actually one of my favorite combinations mashed potatoes with a pat of butter and cooked kale. I love mashed potatoes in general, and they're even better with some kale mixed into each forkful for extra flavor and texture.
To prepare the kale, I strip the central vein of each leaf out and discard it. Then the rest gets snipped into strips with scissors. If I had a lot, I'd get out the cutting board and use a knife, but the scissors work fine for small harvests. The texture of the cooked kale is really substantial without being stringy or slimy at all - it's firm and meaty. It's really good in soup too. Can you tell that kale is my favorite cooked green!  The only other green that's been close was boiled nettle tips - they had a similar texture - delicate and firm at the same time.

Here's the prepped kale before boiling. And what was left on my plate when I finally remembered that I wanted to get a picture. Oops!
I think I could eat this combo everyday. Note to self: PLANT MORE KALE!!!

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