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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Pumpkins

Well, the one Jack-O-Lantern type still left on the fireplace was just starting to get soft on one side while the 'Butternut Squash' and 'Neck Pumpkin' look like they could go another couple of months easily. I cut the pumpkin to save the seeds for planting and processed the other two for "pumpkin" puree. The 'Butternut' was around 3 lbs and the 'Neck Pumpkin' was around 10 lbs. After baking they made 8 sandwich bags (2 cups of puree in each) and there was still a little over a cup left in the bowl. So I made a batch of bread dough with the puree as the liquid part - didn't follow any recipe but it's kind of like the squash braid recipe I've used a few times before. Used the dough to make a pizza crust for a sauceless ("white", or "yellow" in this case) pizza. I took some pictures and will try to post them when I get a minute.
Pumkin on April 11

Butternut and Neck Pumpkin on April 14

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