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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vesca Strawberry Project Update

First picture shows the "White Clubhouse" vesca strawberry hybrid coming out of dormancy. They've really filled that space in. The second and third pictures are two of the offspring from "White Clubhouse" pollen on "Red Wonder" alpine. These runners are more than I can keep up with. I've been trying to turn them all back into the "pots" and peg them down to make more plants. I lost count but each plant has probably made around a dozen runners each and the earlier rooted plantlets are making their own runners now. The biggest plant has just started to send up flower buds too - see red arrow on picture. I need to get these into the ground so they can do what they want to do... SPREAD AND FLOWER!

Keep in mind each seedling is only a little more than 4 months old from a tiny seed.

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