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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Cricket Song' Still

December 11 and still going!


  1. I'm afraid the leaves are terribly wrong.......Loïc

  2. Aha Loïc, you've got me there. ;0)
    Yes I agree that the dead/dormant foliage is a disappointing backdrop for the pretty flowers, but in all fairness it probably shouldn't really be blooming at all right now anyway. And most irises foliage here is looking equally ratty. Actually, you've inspired to take pictures for comparison (next post) and also to interbreed 'Cricket Song' with 'Kupari' (or close derivatives) to see if I can get closer to evergreen foliage. Please see the next post so you won't think 'Cricket Song' is a failure in the foliage department. LOL