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Thursday, December 6, 2012


First picture is of rebloom on a complex species cross seedling that has never rebloomed before. It from a cross of (Iris pallida 'Kupari' x 'Rosemary's Dream') X (Iris pallida 'Kupari' x Iris suaveolens var. rubromarginata). It's a little frosted in the picture but is usually a clean white with just a tint of blue-purple on the falls. The right side of the picture shows a  bud and spent flower from a short time ago. So that makes two fans that decided to bloom. Maybe I should try some crosses with this one to see if it has any tendency to breed rebloomers.
Below is 'Cricket Song' still blooming away happily after the 25 F morning temperature. 
Last are two seedlings of Iris purpureobractea crossed with an iris I call "PBF/RM".
"PBF/RM" has the same parentage as the "Clean Amoena" at the top of this post.
The left seedling has decent PBF that extends pretty far up the leaf blades. The right seedling has intense PBF (even around the rhizomes) and also has a tendency to have red-purple leaf margins like its grandfather (rubromarginata). You can see it best on the leaf that is under the brown shriveled one in the upper right of the picture.

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