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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A few lower-growing bamboos

While back in the "jungle", appreciating the various tall Phyllostachys types bamboos, I was also taking note of these lower growing bamboo species I've collected over the years:

Indocalamus tesselatus (I think) - probably my favorite of these lower ones. It makes an eye-level sea of large lush green leaves. The first picture shows the 5-6 feet tall patch. Second picture shows a close-up of a leaf.

 Arundinaria tecta - leafless from the winter, this native (North American) low bamboo is finally making a decent sized patch.
 Sasa kurilensis ('Kuril Island' bamboo) - Only about waist high, and showing a little bit more winter nipped edges to its leaves, but still a really nice one. [Close-up and patch pictures]

I've got a few other low species but didn't take pictures.
Pseudosasa japonica is just starting to recover from going to seed a couple years ago. It's fairly tall though - taller than me.
And there's the VERY low growing ground cover bamboo that I think is Sasa pygmaea.

For tall Phyllostachys species, I've got a beautiful 30 foot tall grove of Phyllostachys nuda. A smaller patch of Phyllostachys angusta, and little start of Phyllostachys nigra. I used to have
Phyllostachys bambusoides but I don't know if it survived the move.

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