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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

'Fragrant Cloud' X Rosa carolina

Really settled in now and showing how happy it is to have a little grass mulch around it - here's one of my favorite hybrids - it's from the Hybrid Tea 'Fragrant Cloud' pollinated by the shrubby little native tetraploid, Rosa carolina. This hybrid is the seed parent of the one I call "3/4 native" (from pollen of Rosa virginiana) and "MR1" (the mildew resistant once-bloomer from 'Carefree Sunshine' pollen).


  1. How is the fragrance on this one?

  2. It's a different kind of fragrance than 'Fragrant Cloud' (which to me is super strong and kind of fruity almost) and closer to the "old rose" and fresh grassy scent of Rosa carolina. It's still pretty powerfully fragrant though.