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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Iris blooms

CRICKET SONG and the "pink volunteer" should open in a day or two, but in the meantime these ones have been taking the stage. And remember the normal season bloom for all of these, was late April / early May. Pods of seeds are actually starting to dry down alongside these repeat stalks.
The first picture, I'd thought was two stalks of one seedling, but looks like it's actually two different seedlings with one stalk each (a lighter one and a medium purple). These are from CLOWN PANTS x Iris pallida Latil and had been planted as a clump of seedlings altogether in one spot. Guess I'd better get in there and separate at least these two out.
 The second picture is an unregistered sibling of my two registered diploid reblooming MTB irises. Since it didn't even have a garden name, Bill Chaney (who I'd sent a piece to) has dubbed it "Smiley's Sister".  The falls usually tuck under even more with time open, but don't look too awful when freshly open like these.

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