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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

F1 - Rosa moschata X wichuraiana

I used to have at least three of these, but this seedling is much stronger than the others. The others may still be alive and struggling under the poison ivy and other brush, but this one has made itself into a big mound. Also while there are roses all around it dying of RRD (rose rosette disease), I've yet to see these hybrids get it. Rosa wichuraiana itself definitely was susceptible. So either they have some measure of resistance or they're just darn lucky! The fragrance is intermediate between the two species. This season I'm applying pollen of 'Home Run' and rugosa 'Moje Hammarburg' to as many flowers as I can (without emasculating them) because I figure offspring from either of those should be pretty easy to distinguish from the other F2 seedlings.

Went back out this evening to do some mowing and got this whole shrub picture.


  1. They sure look FINE! Hope they are fertile.

  2. Thanks Jakub. And they most definitely ARE fertile. I've grow a small number of open-pollinated seedlings from these F1, hoping to find one that reblooms like moschata, but so far only once-bloomers and a never-bloomer :0(
    Maybe I'll get luckier this time with the added pollen from 'Home Run' and 'Moje Hammarburg'.

    1. That is an interesting cross. If anything, they should be healthy. how does the moswich smell?

  3. From what I can remember, they didn't smell much like moschata but rather like a more generic Synstylae - like maybe multiflora???