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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rosa bracteata X (rugosa x palustris)

BH1 aka "The Pink Monster" is just about done blooming but it's three siblings are in full bloom now. Here's one of the last blooms on BH1.
 Here's BH3, which is maybe my personal favorite, because of it's exceptional health, beauty and a tendency to have a few scattered later blooms. It's about 7 or 8 feet tall now.
Close up of the flowers of BH3. 
Skipped getting pictures of BH2 because it's the most boring of the four. Here's BH4 which has the distinction of being an extremely pale pink. 
 The foliage will look a little worse as the season progresses but it's still WAY healthier than the average rose.
All four of these hybrids have reduced fertility. In the few hips that remain, they will typically only have 1-4 seeds. But at least they aren't completely sterile. I really should try putting more pollen on them rather than just letting them open-pollinate. Then maybe I'd get a few more seeds, and the offspring would have a better chance at

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