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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Previous season's rose species cross seedlings

Most vigorous and healthy are the Rosa davidii X fedtschenkoana seedlings. I know I need to do some weeding but I couldn't wait to get pictures.
 Close up of the rugosa-like foliage...
 Very long narrow foliage on Rosa palustris X 'Old Blush'. I think I'll have to repeat this cross this season and get some more of these.
 More palustris hybrids... these are from pollen of Rosa xanthina. Glad to see them finally start to stretch out.


  1. Thanks Jakub! I need to get some update pictures because that first hybrid is about waist high now and still looks SUPER healthy. Can hardly wait until bloom season next year!

  2. The davidii x fedtschenkoana were nicely colored. The others were still kind of small to tell.

    1. OK! Is it strong yellow (fedt. does this for me) or orange, red etc?

  3. Lots of color but mostly in the orange and yellow range. I'll try to go find a picture and post it.