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Friday, May 15, 2015

Hopeful rugosa cross

I'll have to check my notes but I think this is 'Moje Hammarburg' rugosa rose (otherwise it's 'Dart's Dash'). I just prepped two flowers to receive pollen from my relatively sterile (never set any hips on it) F1 hybrid from rugosa X 'Hazeldean'. The petals of that hybrid, and a few buds too, are in the second image. It's not yellow but at least it has some yellow in the center of the flower and the anthers are yellow too.


  1. Sounds fantastic! Hope I can coax something from your rugxanth. Let's term the Hazeldean " flesh toned" :P Looks lovely, maybe someone can introduce it!

  2. Well, it didn't work out - almost non-existent pollen - but I'm sure I'll figure out another pollen to use on that great rugosa.
    And as interesting as the rugosa x Hazeldean is, I don't think it's really worthy of registration. It's once blooming (and very small-flowered) and not as attractive as you're probably imagining.