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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Three F1 species rose hybrids

This first one, Rosa davidii X fedtschenkoana, is suckering already and the seedlings were only a few inches tall at the end of last season. In the picture is a sucker that's coming up about a foot away from the seedlings. It still amazes me how much these look like they should have rugosa in them. But I already have Rosa rugosa X davidii and these are definitely not the same thing.

Next two pictures are of Rosa palustris X fedtschenkoana. Definitely hybrid, it's intermediate between the two species in almost all characters. It's about 3 feet tall now, but no signs of flowerbuds. So, I'm hoping that it's just going to be a late season bloomer like Rosa palustris - which is usually one of the last species to bloom here.

The last one is such a slow grower that I might be waiting a while for it to bloom. But I'm excited anyway. It's Rosa palustris X xanthina. The bloom timing is so different for these two species that I had to freeze pollen from Rosa xanthina for a month or two, to be able to get the cross. I'm curious what part of the season this one will decide to bloom in and what color it'll be. [Rosa palustris is pink, Rosa xanthina is yellow.


  1. That is some pretty nice looking foliage, Tom. Congratulations!

  2. Oops! Sorry Jakub, I was trying to delete a duplicated comment and somehow deleted yours by mistake. Luckily I recovered it from another browser window. It said:
    "I am speechless. These should be impossible... Mazel tov!"

  3. So thanks guys!!! :0)
    Actually the first two crosses were relatively easy. Just that last one required "cryogenics". ;0)
    And to be honest, the foliage of the first one is the only one to really rave about at this point. It's super healthy! The palustris x fedtschenkoana looks okay right now but will defoliate later in the season, if it follows last year's pattern. The last hybrid is too small to judge yet.
    Thanks again for sharing in my excitement!

  4. The foliage on the last one sure looks like you RugxXanth, which has started to sucker for me! I hope the pollen is fertile. When it does bloom, perhaps rugxanth x paluxanth? That would be sure interesting :P

  5. Well that's an interesting thought.
    I'm betting though that palustris X xanthina is going to be just as infertile as rugosa X xanthina. Crossing two stubborn ones together would probably require a miracle. ;0)