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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Viola rostrata close up

I decided to do an interspecific pollination (Viola rostrata on Viola striata), so I collected all the flowers off that little Viola rostrata plant and potted up a Viola striata that had three blooms ready to open soon. Here's a close-up picture of the pretty little flowers of V. rostrata

Here's how much pollen I was able to "tap" out of the flowers
 The cross of Viola rostrata and Viola striata occurs in nature wherever these two species grow together so it's not anything extraordinary, but it'll be fun anyway. And for extra fun, I tapped a little pollen from a giant yellow pansy (with big black blotch) into the pile of pollen. As far as I know, crosses between pansies (Section Melanium) and violets (outside of section Melanium) have rarely been reported. [And the reported ones don't seem to be very well documented] So, I'd love to find a cross like that.


  1. So would I. The large-sepaled look would be interesting with that large spur, as well as a wider color range.

  2. Today I tried to cross Viola coreana (beautiful leaves, bought) with Viola odorata (classical purple flower, native, hardiness zone 5).
    I barely got any pollen from V. odorata. It surprises me how can a plant produce such low quantities of pollen!
    I will be watching if a seed pod will be starting to form in the one pollinated flower of V. coreana.

  3. I sure hope you got seeds Linards! That would be a great hybrid!!!