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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Three very fragrant shrubs

Walking around the house right now, I got to enjoy the drifts of scent coming from these nicely fragrant shrubs. First is the goumi berry bush (Elaeagnus multiflora), that has the bonus of producing a heavy crop of edible tart red berries later. Looks like the bumblebees and honeybees like this one too.
 On another corner of the house, is this little leaf lilac (Syringa microphylla var. pubescens 'Superba' - I think it was labeled). It blooms (not quite as heavily) again each Fall.

And around on another corner, are these two closely related yellow-flowered, Spring blooming Asian rose species, Rosa primula (the light yellow in the back) and Rosa xanthina (the three darker yellow blooms at the bottom of the picture). 
You don't even need to be close to these shrubs to enjoy the scents!

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