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Friday, September 16, 2011

Better close up of purple blushed hybrid tomato

I wasn't happy with the images I'd posted so far of this hybrid. They just weren't showing the purple blush like I see it in person. So I took this one cracked fruit outside (for stronger light) and tried to do a better close up image. The two images are of the same fruit but from different angles. Hopefully you can see the purple blush better - it looks like a brown dirt smear because of the yellow skin showing through from behind. Oh just as a reminder, this is from 'White Wax' pollinated by a purple-black blushed F4 line that was itself derived from 'Brandywine' crossed with Lycopersicon hirsutum (Solanum habrochaite). Happily the purplish anthocyanin blush has been passed along while the objectionable hirsutum flavor isn't there at all. It's actually pretty tasty. Next generation, I hope to get some revertant white fruits with decent purple blush.

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