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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Purple / Black Pigmented Tomato Line

I've posted several times recently about some hybrid tomatoes from 'White Wax' X F4 hirsutum derivative. My goal is to get the purple black pigment expressed in a white fruit background. Here's a picture of the Lycopersicon hirsutum derivative that I used in that cross with 'White Wax'. This is a selfed seedling from that F4, so this would be F5. I keep saving the seeds from only the most intensely pigmented fruits. The cooler weather lately has been encouraging extra intense pigmentation. All but the ripe one of the far left are from one cluster. Notice the dull greenish - yellow ripe fruit color. I'm still surprised (and really glad) that the funky hirsutum taste of this one got left out of the hybrid with 'White Wax'.

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