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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hybrid Tomatoes Again

Here are a few more pictures to go along with the September 1, 2011 post about those hybrids from the cross of 'White Wax' X hirsutum derivative. First picture shows mama, papa and offspring. Second picture shows close-up of the hirsutum derivative, so you can see the purple-black anthocyanin pigments outlining a star shape where the calyx had been. This fruit would turn a little bit yellowish but still basically green when it fully ripens. I had to pick it a little early for the picture. The purple-black pigment doesn't disappear on ripening. The third picture shows a close-up of the offspring. The start pattern still shows where the faint purple pigment overlaid on the yellow skins looks like a brownish blush. That dirty looking blush almost covers the upper half of the fruit.

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