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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Hardy Chicago' Fig

Last Fall, I posted about a single fig fruit that ripened here. I wasn't sure how reliable it would be, but was happy I could get any fruit at all from it. Well... this year's fig production has REALLY amazed me. That same 'Hardy Chicago' has already ripened 62 fruits (as of today), and there are more figs still maturing on it. I'm impressed and would recommend this fig to anyone in the area (Washington County, Maryland) or comparable zone 6b-ish places. The first picture shows a bunch that I picked a few days ago. They were splitting from all of the excessive rains. Usually there haven't been so many ripe all at one time. They've been typically ripening a couple of fruits every 2 or 3 days since July or August. The second picture shows the two fruits I harvested this evening, quartered to show of the juicy insides. They're actually kind of ugly, I think. But if you overlook that, they are really sweet with a texture something like a ripe peach. And very easy to grow. No pest or disease problems.

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