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Friday, September 30, 2011

F2 Rosa moschata X wichuraiana

I didn't take good care of the batch of seedlings that this came from [you might have noticed by now that this is a common theme for me]. But lucky for this one, I liked its short internode growth habit and dug it out of the community pot and put it in the ground. The rest of the batch dried up during a dry spell when I forgot to water it.
I want to plant another batch of seed for these F2 (in the ground this time instead of in a pot) and keep an eye out to see if any of them will bloom the first year. My goal is to get the health and cold-hardiness of wichuraiana combined with the remontancy and great scent of moschata. This one seems to be a once-bloomer, since it hasn't bloomed at all in two growing seasons, but it IS healthy. Maybe next year it'll bloom so I can see what kind of scent it has.

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